Logitech’s customer service = win

Back in the Dark Ages of computing, I used whatever mouse could be had for the cheapest price. Then one day I tried a Logitech mouse and that all changed. I never looked back to the bargain bin again.

When it came time to find a replacement mouse for my laptop about two years ago, I purchased the relatively new VX Revolution from Logitech. It used laser technology and wireless RF transmission, and a single AA battery gave me a year of almost daily use.

Last year at Icrontic’s first annual Oktoberfest, I dropped my VX Revolution on the basement floor of ICHQ. It stopped working. I thought all was lost. I borrowed a mouse and kept on gaming. Back at home a week later, I realized that I had been using the mouse for a year on the same battery, and I tried replacing it. Instantly the mouse was fully operational.

Recently the mouse stopped working again. I tried new batteries. No response from the mouse. Last night I called Logitech’s customer support. The support tech walked me through a set of recovery steps, which ultimately proved fruitless.

When recovery failed, he asked for the part number and serial number off the mouse. Then my home address. After giving him the information, he simply said, “Okay, I put the order in. You should be getting a shipment confirmation in two days, and a new mouse shortly after that. No need to send the broken one back.”

Let it not be said that Logitech doesn’t back up the quality of their mice with excellent customer service and a full replacement warranty to boot!